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(I'll make it short)
baking wares- made of glass or metal containers for dough or batter with diff. sizes & shapes
cake pans- comes in diff. sizes and shapes and may be round, rectangular, square or heart-shaped
biscuit and doughnut cutter- used to cut and shape dough or biscuit
cutting tools- include a chopping board and knife that are used to cut, glazed fruit or other ingredients in baking
electric mixer- used for diff. baking procedure for stirring, beating, and blending
measuring cups- consist of 2 types: graduated cup and measuring glass
grater- used to grate cheese and other fruits
flour sifter- used to sift flour
mixing bowl- comes in diff. sizes and has sloping sides that is used for mixing ingredients
measuring spoons- consists of a set of spoons in diff. sizes that is used to measure small amount of ingredients
paring knife- used to cut or pare fruits and vegetables into diff. sizes
mortar and pestle- used to pound ingredients
pastry blender- used to cut fat or shortening in the preparation of doughnuts, biscuits, etc.
pastry bag- a funnel shaped container of icing
pastry tip- pointed metal or plastic tube connected to the opening of the pastry which is used to form designs
pastry brush- used in greasing pans
rolling pin- used to flatten dough
pastry wheel- used to cut dough when making pastries
egg beater- used in beating eggs
spatula- used in various purposes
rubber scraper- used to remove bits of food inside the bowl
utility tray- used to hold ingredients together
strainer- used to sift or strain dry ingredients
timer- used to time baked products and rising of yeast
weighing scale- used to measure ingredients in large amount
wooden spoon- also called mixing spoon which comes in diff. sizes
wire whisk- used to whip egg whites or cream
Other baking
cake decorator- used in decorating cake and other pastry products
cookie press- used to mold or shape cookies
deck ovens- several may be stacked on top of one another. Also called as stack oven
rack oven- large oven into which entire racks full of sheet pans can be wheeled for baking
mechanical oven- the food is in motion while it bakes in this type of oven
convection oven- contains fans that circulate the air and distribute the heat rapidly throughout the interior
Other baking equipment
dutch oven- thick walled cooking pot with a tight fitting lid

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