You ask one of your parents to do it 
For both new and renewal application
1. Birth certificate by NSO in SECPA 
2. Application form;
3. Old passport (for renewal)
4. IDs; and
5. Additional documents .

1. Set an appointment here and print the application form as instructed. Don’t forget to sign the form. You can cancel your appointment online. In case you decide to cancel it a few days before your appointment, the system won’t allow the cancellation. You can set a new appointment then which cancels your previous one. A valid e-mail is important!

Tip: Based on my experience, appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday, around 5:00-5:30pm have the shortest queues. Arrive at least 30 minutes before appointment. My schedule was 5:30pm and they entertained me even before my appointment time. how to get  to DFA ASEANA 

2. Enter thru Gate 2 of Aseana building (the new building for the DFA’s Consular Affairs).Warning: Don’t deal with fixers! The guards will direct you where to go and signs are located everywhere. Don’t hesitate to ask around

3. Present your documents to a staff stationed right before the entrance of the processing section located at 1st floor. You will be given a number upon appointment confirmation.4. Head to the processing section still on the 1st floor where you will present your form and other documents once your number has been called.

5. Pay the processing fee (P950 for 15 working days/REGULAR and P1,200 for 7 working days/RUSH). The cashier is located at the second floor.

6. Present your receipt and have your photo taken at a designated computer. This is the reason why personal appearance is required. No accessories, or any kind of head gears except for religious purposes and no smiling please!

7. Pay a P120 delivery fee if you opt to have your passport delivered instead of picked up. Keep your receipt!

Make sure that on the expected date of delivery, you have a signed authorization letter for someone to claim it on your behalf when you’re not at home or at the office. You will be issued a biometric passport valid for 5 years. Its security features include a hidden encoded image, an ultra-thin, holographic laminate and a tamper-proof electronic microchip. The  Philippine government started issuing BIOMETIC PASSPORT  late 2009.Outside the Aseana building, vendors are selling passport covers for only P40. Of course, you could haggle! I find no harm buying from them.