To avoid suicide is easy. All you have to do is control yourself
Remember that there is always someone out there who loves you even though you may not know it, so think twice.

Remember that there are people who care, and even if you can't see it; they're there. People like you; you're a good person.

join support group. There are plenty of support groups, both online and in your community, where you can find comfort by talking to other people who have suicidal thoughts or who have attempted suicide in the past. This will make you feel less alone, and more like you have a lot to live for. If you're in America, check out the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's site for finding support groups online or in person. You can even find groups for your specific characteristics, such as a group for Teens.. Check out the NHS site if you're in the UK , or the web site for your country, to find plenty of options for yourself.