Making separated subjects and verbs agree.
1.Peter,along with his brothers,(goes,go) skating often.
2.The pages of the letter,yellowed with age,(was,were) filled with beautiful handwriting.
3.A falconer, a person who works with hawks,(is,are) now an uncommon sight.
4.This painting,just like that one ,(costs,cost) far less.
5.Rocks formed from molten magma(is,are) igneous.
6.My sister,accompanied by my mother,(has,have) bought her first pair of designer jeans.
7.Tomorrow the first customer,whoever that may be ,(is,are) going to receive a gift certificate.
8.The lamp , which was broken,now (work,works) properly.
9.The leader of the troops (oversees,oversee) maneuvers.
10.A child who is ignored (expects,expect) little of others.
11.Another version,to be revealed in the next issue,(has,have) already been written.
12.Jim,together with his sisters,(is,are) at the movies.
13.Your composition,as well as mine,(is,are) about Peru.
14.The band members ,including the drummer,(has,have) left.
15.The price, including state tax and shipping costs,(amounts,amount) to more than I can afford.
16.These shoes ,not those,(is,are) the ones I just bought.
I hope anyone can answer these.please help me to answer it . Thank you.

Please help me.
1. Goes , 2. Were, 3. Is, 4. Costs, 5. Are, 6. Have, 7. Is, 8. Works, 9. Oversees 10. Expects, 11. Has, 12. Are, 13. Are , 14. Have , 15. Amount, 16. Is .....


1.Goes , 2. Were, 3. Is, 4. Costs, 5. Are, 6. Have, 7. Is, 8. Works, 9. Oversees 10. Expects, 11. Has, 12. Are, 13. Are , 14. Have , 15. Amount, 16. Is .....