The word essay is described as a short piece of writing on a particular topic that is done by mostly students as part of a course of study. 

I'm not supposed to enter a link here because they will delete it. But you can search on google "example of an essay" or "example of *insert your topic essay* essay" 

good luck!
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An essay is built up with 4 sentences

topic: Earth

 Our planet is named Earth,the planet elements are water,wind and land. 
 In every three hundred sixty-five days the earth revolves around the sun.
The Earth always have a breath taking view because of the people and animals living there.
The Earth is such a wonderful planet, it have some mysteries to be unlock but we can solve that mystery one step at a time. 

Apparently, I made a basic essay :) you can use more sentences which you have  to make.
Don't forget to use your pronouns,adjectives and etc. to make it interesting (=

hope this helps ^_^