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For mitosis -- 
Interphase (it's not part of mitosis)- which consist of G1, S phase, G2 
1. Prophase - where nucleus disintegrates and spindle fibers are formed. 
2. Metaphase - the spindle fibers will line up at the center which is called the equatorial plate. 
3. Anaphase - there will be forming of 2 daughter cells which is called cleavage furrow for plant cell and cell plate for animal cell.
4. Telophase - the 2 daughter cells will be separated from one another. 
and then Cytokinesis will take place.

there are many things to discuss but i would just summarise it for you, 

- In MEIOSIS, it consist of prophase, prophase 1 and prophase 2 just like mitosis but each steps (0,1,2) have different kinds of sister chromatids from prophase. 

I would love to give you my power points from my school but i think i'm not allowed to. But then i copied some diagram pictures for you to understand. If you like, you can look up to google to enlighten you about this certain subject. 

Good luck on being a sophomore next sy! I'm sure it will be as great as i had experienced! :) 
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