*Give one positive effect and one negative effect of volcanic eruptions.
*Aside from Mayon Volcano, name another Philippine volcano that has erupted recently.
*What causes a shield volcano to be shaped like a broad dome?
*By what process can a volcanic eruption affect temperatures around the world?
*How is energy from volcanoes tapped as source of electricity?




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*Positive effects of a volcano:
-makes soil fertile
- formation of minerals
Negative effects of a volcano:
- death of organisms
- destruction of properties
* A shield volcano is formed from lava emission. Since lava is a fluid, it flows easily and travels far resulting in a wide base with a shallow slope.
When a volcano ejects so much sulfur dioxide and ash, they prevent the sunlight from reaching the earth's surface. It results in a decrease in temperature, not only within the volcanic area, but also around the world as winds carry the volcanic materials as they circulate.
* The heat from inside the Earth is collected in a geothermal power plant by drilling a hole in the ground at great depth. The heat is used to boil water to produce a steam that turns the turbine. The mechanical energy from the turbine is transferred to the generator which in turn, transforms the mechanical energy to electrical energy. 

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Positive Effects
Produce rich soil,create economic mineral deposits.
Negative Effects 
Destruction of natural environment,death of  human,animal and plant life.
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