Activity 2: Volcanoes in the Philippines
Q1. Are all volcanoes found in the same location?
Q2. Which of the volcanoes had the most number of eruptions? least number of eruptions? no record of eruption?
Q3. How will you classify the volcanoes that have records of eruptions within 10,000 years?
Q4. How will you classify volcanoes with no record of eruption?
Q5. In your own words, differentiate an active volcano from an inactive one.



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Q1. No. They are found in different places in the Philippines.
Q2. Mayon volcano has the most number of eruptions while Iraya volcano has the least number of eruptions. The volcanoes that have no record of eruption are Cabaluyan, Pulung, Cocoro, Tamburok and Urot.
Q3. Active volcanoes
Q4. Inactive volcanoes
Q5. Active volcanoes are those that have records of eruption or have erupted recently while inactive volcanoes are those that show no record of eruption.

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