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❶ To connect PC internet connection users multiple gaming without the use of internet
❷ To be able people in meetings can access documents and applications with a wireless LAN
❸ To make the internet connection easier
❹ It's commonly used by the people in Computer Shop
❺ Make the computer invulnerable to viruses
Give more specific connection than with ethernet(the internet other name)
❼ LAN's are useful in letting multiple people use the same program at one time.
❽ Supplies networking capability to a group of computers in close proximity to each other
❾ Make the user played the game ONLY itself
❿  Give the most reliable and safe run of application
A/N: LAN means (Local Area Network)....... And you should knew that IP (internet protocol) is the LAN supporter. :D . Thanks! , Sorry for the mistakes in my answer ,it's just only my theory and there is no scientific basis about it. haha.. LOL. XD

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