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                                                                     Zeferino Arroyo Highschool
                                                                     San Agustin , Iriga City
                                                                     October 31, 2014

To School Management,
        Good day maam/sir . I just want to propose a project that will be the
good of our school . I just wanna suggest that bringing Cellphone, Laptop
and other gadgets will be banned . For the academic performance of our
school we should take action now maam/sir , in able to achieve an active
and successfully learner in the future
       Prior to beginning the Project, all student will submit a Proposal Letter.
The letter will be a statement of the student's intended plan to successfully
complete the project as well as an explanation why the student chose this
particular project.
                                                                         Respectfully Yours,
                                                                            Collins Dacara