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Let x be the liquor worth 320Php ; 10-x be the liquor worth 120Php

320x + 120 (10 -x) = 310 (10)

320x + 1200 -120x = 3100

320x -120x = 3100 -1200

200x = 1900

x = 19/2 = 9.5

Therefore, she blended 9.5L of the liquor worth 320Php and 0.5L of liquor worth 120Php

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can you please explain further the relation of the 310 per liter?
mixing the two liquors produces a mixture that is worth 310Php per liter. That is what the first eqation means
so how do i get the total of 310 per liter? Sorry.. Im really lost.. I've been doing this kind of thing the whole day. And this last one really irritates me... :/ :(
It was a given