Willy the worm is on top of the well 6 meters high and Sonny the snail is at the bottom. Willy descends 50 cm each day and turns back 20 cm at night. Sonny climbs 100 cm at daytime and slips back 50 cm at night time. How long will it take the two to meet if they start their journey at the same time? Where will they meet?



Let's compute.

6 meters is equivalent to 600 centimeters.

If Willy descends 50cm and back 20 cm


He makes 30 cm per every move

while Sonny climbs 100cm and slips back 50cm

then Sonny makes 50 cm per move.

That will be like this

30 + 50 = 80

600 / 80 = 7.5

So it will take them more than 7 whole day

Or simply,

Willy needs to descend 230 cm(without turning back)and Sonny needs to climb 370 cm(without slipping back) to meet.

To check add both

230 + 370 = 600

To make it clearer,

Willy needs 370 cm descending with 140 cm turning back.


Sonny needs 720 cm of climbing with 350 cm slipping back

To meet

I hope it helps