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For #1:
    2(6x+2) + 4(6x+9)
 = 12x + 4 + 24x + 36
 = 36x + 40

Use the distributive property of multiplication, then combine all similar terms, i.e. terms containing x and constants (without x).The process is the same for items 2, 3, 4. Note that the answer to these are expressions and not equations, as they are not equations to begin with.

For #5:
     13x - 5 = 10x + 7
     13x - 10x = 7 + 5
     3x = 12
     x = 4

First, separate the terms to two sides of the equation. Above, I put all terms containing x to the left hand side and all constants to the right hand side. Solve for x (the x should be isolated). Process is the same for items 6 and 7. Note that the answer to these are equations, x=constant
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