Can you help me, we're doing a debated and we're on negative side and I'm the first speaker, I need some strong prove that we're right about "ZOOS CAN ALSO BE EDUCATIONAL AND FUN ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN" instead of animals living in a wild or in their habitats.

Please help me!!! And thanks!



Animals like lion,tiger and other wild animals should live in their own habitat (in the jungle) because that is the only way to produce more species like them...
that's the affirmative side, were in negative side. In our side is zoos is better than their own habbitat, how can we prove that the animals must be on zoos and not their own habbitat??
well, zoos will be fun if there is no endangered species living there like tigers,elephant who are rare nowadays...zoos should be filled with a animals who can live without their own habitat like birds,fishes etc...
but zoos are also for endanger animals for them to be safe because in their own habitats some hunters or people hunt for them, it also a way to avoid them being extinct but too bad we only have to prove that zoos are educational and fun... we can't be off the topic.