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You mean, The Gold Harvest, right? A lot of people often mistake it to The Golden Harvest. Here it goes: Long ago in old Ayudhya, there lived a man named Nai Hah Tong who dreamed of turning copper into gold. His wife, Nang Song Sai, Had little faith in magic. She beilieved in the walth of nature and richness of the earth. When her husband boasted, "Some day, we will be the richest people in Ayudyha,"she listened patiently; however, when all their tical had been used for experiments, she decided something would have to be done about her husban's great expectation.
She said to her husbandd, "nai Hah TOng, you have experimented with copper and a monkey's paw, coper with lizard's tail. You have polished copper  with a gold stripe fur of the tiger's skin, but the copper did not turn into gold. Why dont you  give up this dream and go to work like other men?"

Her husband said, "mai chai, thats no right. With each experiments my magic has grown stronger."

The next day, they had a dinner with his Uncle, Grandfather and Grandmother who are all good in magic, they have discussed of the dream of turning copper into gold, they husband said, "need a lot of tons of soft fuzz that comes from bananas."

Ok, said his Uncle, I will provide a hectares of land where you will raise your banana trees. The husband smiled and said, " i will do what shall be done."

The next morning, they bought hectares of land this hectares of land is a one in their place, they chose that land to attract the gods who will help them raise the trees, easy and fast. They cleaned the land, prepared it, and at last, they planted the trees. The husband cared the trees as much as he cared his family. He did not let any animals that may scratch a single tree, he worked hard, day by day, night by night, he dont even sleep at night, busy praying that the trees will give fluffy fuzz that will turn copper into gold.

After months of hard work,the husband  finally raised, 200 banana trees with lots of fruits. And his Uncle said, "good work my young padawan." Now you know how to work fair, like other men out there, they put all their strength  to work so that their family will have something to eat, and now sell those fruits and fuzz, go to the market and I am sure that you will earn bags of gold, that you have wanted. And since then, the husband start selling banana fruits in the market, he learned to work and not rely on magic.

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Golden Harvest supplanted Shaw brothers as Hong Kong's dominant studio by the end of 70's and retained that position in the 90's.
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