Since the discount is 16 2/3 % then the selling price would be:
selling price:
-      16 2/3 %
      or you can have it expressed as:
       99  3/3%
-      16 2/3%
      83  1/3%
therefore the selling price would be 83 1/3% of the original price.
better if you have expressed 16 2/3 as a decimal i think. :)
1/3 and 2/3 when expressed in decimals are non-terminating. it would have a discrepancy if we'll have it decimal. also, the given data is expressed in terms of mixed number then i presume they are to use fraction. (-_-)!
sorry i'm only 5th grader. and having problem with that. i'm not a math genius like you sir. i hope you will consider it :)
as you have mentioned in the other comment section. we have a different kind of comprehension. and i'm one of those who are in gradeschool sir. :)