“The Story of the Aged Mother” by Matsuo Basho is a story in which a son andhis mother’s pain in their battle against the decree of putting aged people to death. Thestory started at the foot of the mountain where a poor farmer lived with his agedmother. Their place was governed by an absolute leader who sent the decree of killingaged people in that place. That time, killing aged people was not common. When thepoor farmer heard the decree he felt sorrow in his heart, since then he prepared anescape. Just as his work ended, he cooked food, wrapped it in a small piece of cloth andtied it in his neck together with cool and sweet water. Then, he carried his mother on hisback and started walking towards the summit of Obatsayuma, the mountain of the“abandoning of aged”. On their way to the summit, the helpless mother noticed thedangerous path and thought that her son doesn't know the paths and might passthrough danger so she reached for twigs, snapped them to pieces and quietly droppedthem until they reached the summit. The poor farmer released his mother and created acomfortable cushion and said his farewell. Before he left her, she told him about thepath she made, and then the farmer realized that they need to face the decree togetherso he carried his mother again on his back and stated walking back. When they arrivedback, he told the emperor his story and the emperor listened to his story and abolishedthe decree.
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The story is about a mother’s love, it’s something that no one can explain
because it is made with deep devotion, sacrifice, understanding and pain, the way thatthe aged mother made a way so that she can have assurance that her son can go homesafely. She knew from the very start that she will be abandoned in the summit of themountain but she understood that it was for her own good
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Its about the aged mother and her poor soon who saved her from the despotic leader by hidding her in the kitchen

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