Major Gods of Olympus

Zeus- God of Lightning, Justice, God of Gods
Hera- Goddess of Marriage and Family
Poseidon- God of Seas
Hades- God of the Underworld
Apollo- God of Light, Sun, Prophecy, Healing and Music
Artemis- Goddess of Moon, Virginity, Chasity, and Wilderness
Athena- Goddess of Wisdom
Ares- God of War
Aphrodite- Goddess of Love and Beauty
Hermes- Messenger of the Gods
Hephaestus- God of Metallurgy
Demeter- Goddess of Agriculture
Dionysus- God of Wine and Festivities

They are so many but i can give some
Zeus- god of lightning
Poseidon- god of sea
Hades- god of underworld
Aphrodite- goddess of beauty
Demeter- goddess of harvest
Hephaestus- god of fire
Hermes- god of transitions and boundaries
Athena- goddess of wisdom
Ares- god of war
Hera- goddess of marriage