During the orientation for the new students, 289 students were present. Of these, 109 were not first year students. If 2/3 of the first year students were female, how many male first year students were there?

Kindly check the question. Because when I multiply 2/3 by 109 first year students. I get a decimal answer. That supposed to be a whole number because were talking about people. The answer must a whole number.
The question is right Ms. Noimeballeser91. You need not multiply 109 by 2/3 because 109 is the number of students that are NOT first year students. :)


First, to get the number of first year students, subtract 109 from 289.
Then, since 2/3 of which are female, and what we want is the population of the male, then we get 1/3 of the number of first year students.

=(289 - 109)/3
=180/3 = 60

60 students

Hope this helps :)
p.s. If there is a part of my solution that you did not understand, please do not hesitate to contact me and I'll be more than glad to explain it to you thoroughly