For me it means... be yourself.. it doesn't matter what people see. don't change just because of other's opinion, or just because of what they want you to be. Don't be scared of other's criticism, it makes you stronger, and prove to them that you can handle yourself toward the right way without them trying and complimenting about the way you dress or look... just be yourself, it's the most right thing to do. don't  waste your time on their thoughts, you know yourself better than they do.
For me be CONFIDENT of what you have and who you are... Don't change for the sake of people around you.... if you want to change , change because you want to not ,  because people want you to become.. change for the better not for the worst. you don't need to prove to a people of who you are ... because people who care about you , know your true identity. Don't be a plastic , don't make your self miserable for the people who doesn't effin' care about you..  Be UNIQUE and be TRUE!!! it gives you a cloud nine happiness..