The bar graph to the right shows the number of hours Chloe spent reading for the reading contest. (since there is no bar graph I'll just write it down.) Sunday 4 hours,Monday 2 hours,Tuesday 3 hours,Wednesday 1 hour, Thursday 5 hours,Friday 0 hours ,And Saturday 5 hours.
Find the mean time spent reading.

Sorry made a mistake...Thursday was supposed to be 4 it's
Sun. 4 hours Mon.2 hrs. Tues. 3hrs. Wed. 1 hrs. Thurs. 4hrs. Fri.0 hrs. Sat 5 hrs.



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Mean is also known as the average.

The formula for finding the mean is   \frac{x_{1} +  x_{2} + x_{3} + ... + x_{n} }{n}

Mean time reading = (4 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 5 + 0 + 5) / 7

= 20/7

≈ 2.86 hours
Thanks for the help but Im sorry I made a mistake in my question...
then it'll be 19/7 ≈ 2.71 hours
Umm i have a question i divided 19 by 7 and i had a remainder so i kept on answering and my answer was longer than yours how did you make it 2.71?
I rounded it off to the nearest hundreths