I. Identification
1. The ratio between the rise and the run.
2. The slopes of perpendicular lines are___________.
3. The name of the formula to be used when finding the length of a line segment.
4. The name of formula to be used when two points are given, where the first point lies on the X axis and the other on the Y axis.
5. How many points of division are there , if a line segment is divided into 5 segments.

II. Solve for the standard form and locate the parts, then sketch the graph.
1. X^2 = 8Y
2. -Y^2= X
3. X^2 + Y^2 + X +Y = 25



I. Identification
1. Slope
2. Negative Inverse of the perpendicular line
3.Distance Formula
4. Formula of the Intercept form of a line
5. Six Points