Sa pagkakaalam ko po isa ang Philippines/Pilipinas sa nasakop ng bansang Spain.
kailan namn po nila ito sinakop??
Noong 1565 po na pinanguna ni Miguel Lopez de Legazpi na pormal na sinakop ng Spain ang Pilipinas. :)
ano namanpo ang dahilan ng kanilang pananakop at au po ang naging resulta ng kanilang pananakop??

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Sonsorol, part of the Southwest Islands, an island chain approximately 600 kilometers (370 mi) from the main island chain of Palau, was sighted by Europeans as early as 1522, when the Spanish mission of the Trinidad, the flagship of Ferdinand Magellan's voyage of circumnavigation, sighted two small islands around the 5th parallel north, naming them "San Juan".British traders became prominent visitors to Palau in the 18th century, followed by expanding Spanish influence in the 19th century. Following its defeat in the Spanish–American War, Spain sold Palau and most of the rest of the Caroline Islands to Germany in 1899.

The year they colonized the Palau islands mainly named Sonsorol was began in 1522 to 1899 and after that,the Germany colonized Palau.

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