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The 1st stanza(interpreted)
It means that it originated from the pollens, most flowers bloom in spring, and sleep in autumn.

The 2nd Stanza(interpreted)
At every sunrise, the flowers join the wind, as the flower sees the sunlight, it becomes brighter because of its color.

The 3rd Stanza(interpreted)
The flower is decorated with many colors, and it has a fragrant smell.

The 4th Stanza(interpreted)
The Flowers sleep at night, and then at dawn, they awoken

The 5th Stanza(interpreted)
It drinks water, and it hears the chirping of the bird, and it sways left to right with the grass

The 6th Stanza(interpreted)
Flowers are used to be given to their loved ones, they are used even in weddings, they are used to give to the dead people, representing memories.
They are used in happy times, or in sad times

The 7th Stanza(interpreted)
The flowers always stood up, it doesn't bend until it dies.
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