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Correcting a grammar of yours is very simple...

I will not take it too long to answer but I'll give you the main topics of having a proper grammar usage :)

You must learn these ff. lessons to complete your task...

First,correct your subject verb agreement.

Second,constructing a sentence with a subject and predicate.

Third,do you know that sentences had voices too?Learn more about Passive and Active Voice.

Fourth,capitalization rules remember?Proper usage of Capitalization

Last,we know Punctuation Rules baffles many of us...the important features of Punctuation Marks...

Hope this Helps:)

I'm just going to give english grammar usage and fundamentals for you to correct your grammar :)
*Know the simple tenses (past form of regular & irregular verbs etc)
*Know the singular and plural forms
*Know the use of pronouns
*Capitalization and punctuation

Hope it helps :)