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able to do (something) blindfolded 

- to be able to do something easily and quickly 

The car was easy to fix and we were able to do it blindfolded. 

until you get blue in the face

-until you die

I will love you until you get blue in the face.

be all ears 

- to listen eagerly and carefully 

The boy was all ears when the teacher described the circus. 

be off on the wrong foot 

- to start something under bad circumstances 

I tried to talk to my new neighbor but it seems that we are off on the wrong foot already. 

bear in mind 

- to consider that something is so 

We have to bear in mind that the child is only three years old when he does something bad. 
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1) I startled and felt the butterflies in my stomach as she calls my name to present.
2) This secret is just between you and me, not a single word must leak.
3) Everybody pat on his back because of being a champion in a math contest.
4) He found a place in the sun as the president promotes him in a higher position.
5) I load off of my mind after knowing that my lost book was in him....

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