What is the characteristics of a volcano that depends on its magma emission?
what is the characteristics of magma that mainly determine its explosiveness?
type of volcano that is made of cinder and ash.
type of volcano made of alternates solitification of lava and cinders.
it is the peak or highest point of a volcano.
A funnel shaped depression at the top of a volcano form as aresult of explosive eruptions.
The measure of a materials resistance to flow.
Molten rocks inside the earth.
It is a fragment of rock for a fined grained.
Magma that has been rejected out of a volcano.
A volcano that has no record of eruption.
The volcano that has a record or eruption within the last 600 years to 10,000 years.
Philippine is included in the Pacific Ring of Fire,in which active volcanoes are mock around the globe ,as of 2013 how many active volcanoes are in our country?
An opening of the earth surface where molten rocks smoke gases and ashes are erupted.
It is a stream drivem eruption as a hot rocks come in contact with water.
Is a violent eruption due to water and magma ?
Excessively explosive type of eruption of gas and pyroclastics.




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- shape
- silica content
- cinder cone (not sure about this)
- composite cone
- summit
- crater
- viscosity
- magma
- ash
- lava
- inactive volcanoes
- active volcanoes
- 23 volcanoes
- volcano
- phreatic or hydrothermal
- phreatomagmatic
- plinian

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