If you are to divide an expression such as this: (x/y over n/m) put it into an easier form like x over y *division sign* n over m. Find the reciprocal of n over m (which is m over n) then multiply x*m and y*n. The answer must be (x*m) over (y*n)
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In dividing fraction, follow the instructions below:
1. Illustrate the equation; Enumerator to enumerator and denominator to denominator.
    \frac{3}{5}  ÷  \frac{13}{20}
2. Make the divisor reciprocal; The enumerator will be denominator and the denominator will be enumerator.
    \frac{3}{5}  ÷  \frac{20}{13}
3. Multiply enumerators and denominators.
    \frac{3}{5} ×  \frac{20}{13}  \frac{60}{65}
4. Simplify your answer.
    \frac{60}{65}  \frac{12}{13}