The topic of your mid-term and research final depend wholly upon what you have studied over the semester. Therefore, the ideas I am providing are very general ideas which can be used when looking at many different texts and genres typically examined in an English 101 class.1. One of the most common literary devices used in literature is symbolism. Examine the use of symbolism in the texts read over the course of the semester.2. Examine the characteristics of a period piece (Romantic, Age of Reason, etc). How does the text exemplify the a work typical of the period regarding its use of characteristics, themes, and ideology.3. The point-of-view, or narrative voice, in a text is very important. Find two texts that examine similar themes but have different points-of-view and discuss the differing impacts each have based upon their narration.4. Many texts examine the journey of the protagonist. Discuss the journey of a protagonist throughout a novel. What journey did the protagonist embark upon? Was it a physical journey that helped the protagonist to grow physically? Was the journey a mental one which allowed the protagonist to grow mentally?5. Discuss the use of direct and indirect characterization in a text. How does the use of indirect characterization help or hurt a text from your point-of-view?
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