Save the World

Can you see that? Can you smell that? Can you feel that?
What happen to the bodies of water?
What happened to our land?
What happen to the air we breathe?
What happen in the world?

Ugh, it's just nothing.
Nothing will happen.
We can still survive.
It's not the end of the world.
It's the Mother Nature, not us.

I can still burn rubbers.
I can still throw trash everywhere
I can still do harmful things not just for me, but also for nature.
Who cares?
Nothing will happen.

But one day, I'm breathing hard, so hard.
There's no clean water that I can drink.
There's no healthy land where I can plant trees for food.
All fishes under the sea died.
I'm wrong, so wrong.

I learned that we need healthy nature.
We need clean air, land, and water.
We need to save the world, for us to save ourselves.
And if you don't care, go change your mind immediately;
'Cause if not, you will suffer in your whole life.
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