The effects of the nice War (World War 1) on West Asia and therefore the geographical area is that the following:
1. The dissolution of the Turkish Empire. due to that, several Middle Eastern takes its place like Turkey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and plenty of others. The Turkish Empire was once the country that binds all of geographical area, which, once it falls, dissension within the geographical area began to take-over the case, that we are able to see till nowadays.2. The decreasing power of the uk (due to economic damages obligatory by the war) gave South Asia, notably Asian nation and Asian country to form their moves for independence.3. The weakening of the economy. 4. The creation of colonies by France and kingdom (as victors of warfare one, British and therefore the French, as per suggestion of the pact of Versailles, redrawn the national borders of nations, that during this case was the center East, since geographical area was once beneath the flag of the Ottoman Empire) on the center East that was some years later became new countries. 5. The weakening of the Russian Empire and shortly the increase of the USSR made-up the approach for a modification of the established order within the geographical area, that became apparent throughout warfare a pair of and therefore the conflict.
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