There are two groups seperating the branches of science
1. Social Science - A science that study human behaviours and societies
2. Natural Science - A science that study natural phenomena

there's a lot of different kinds of branches of science existing today that I'm even having difficult memorizing them all.
it would be the best for you the research for them yourself
but I'm telling those branches that I still remember anyway

Natural Science
Biology - science of life
Chemistry - science of matter/chemicals
Physics - science of matter/motion, energy, force and spacetime
Botany - science of plant
Astronomy - science of bodily heavens
Geology - science of earth and rocks
Volcanology - science of volcanos
Ecology - science of ecosystem
Petrology - science property of rocks
Bacteriology - science of bacteria
Electronics - science of electricity
Forestry - science of forest and planting
Thermodynamics- science of entropy and heat energy
Zoology - science of animals

Social Science
Psychology - study of human behaviour
Math - science of collection and interpretation of data
Political Science- science of politics
Computer Science- science of computers
Neurology - science of neuron and brain disorders
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