Division of Polynomials by Monomial
Divide  \frac{9x^2y+12x^3y^2-15xy^3}{6xy}
1.) If you are dividing by a monomial, you can split the problem into pieces by putting each term in the numerator over the denominator.
    \frac{9x^2y}{6xy}+ \frac{12x^3y^2}{6xy}- \frac{15xy^3}{6xy}
2.) Simplify each term. Use the rules for exponents to simplify the variables in each term and reduce the fractions.

Divide (4x4 + 6x- 10x2) ÷ (2x)
It might look more difficult than it actually is....
You see...all we need to do is to divide (2x) into each of the terms,
one at a time....
(4x4 + 6x- 10x2) ÷ (2x)
Step 1: divide 4xby 2x
4x÷ 2x = 2x3
Step 2: divide 6x3 by 2x
6x3 ÷ 2x = 3x2
Step 3: divide -10x2 by 2x
-10x2 ÷ 2x = -5x
After doing each of the separate divisions we put each of the individual answers together....make sure to connect them with the correct sign.
So...the final answer is:
2x3 + 3x2 - 5x