First thing to do.
3.612 and 1.2 are the given 

Move the decimal point (.) of 1.2 to the right 1 time and it should look like this 12
do this also for 3.612 and it will look like this 36.12.

Time to Solve!!
12/ 36.12       Remember that you can use your calculator if you will answer other problems.

And the answer would be 3.01 now let's do a quick check.

12 times 3.01 = 36.12 which answers the problem

:3 =>
2 2 2
thank you very much you are a big blessing to me
No I'm not I'm just a 12 year old boy who helps people
You can also try doing 3.612/1.2 likely also remove all decimal points and make them look like this 3612/1200 if you divide it the answer is 3.01 if you check it to secure your answer then multiply it, 1.2x3.01= 3.612