1. The diagonal of a rectangle is 17 m. If the width measures 8 m, what is the length?
2. Rose plans to put a decorative lace on the side of her project. How many meter of lace does she need if each of the three congruent sides measure 33.5 dm?
3. Joey needs to fence their empty lot on Saturday. If the measurements of the sides of the lot are 37.5 m and 24.8 m, how many meters of fencing materials does he need?
4. Nina wants to put Venetian blinds on her bedroom window. Her mom advised her to put a half-meter allowance on each side. If the window measures 2.5 meters and 3.25 meters, how many square meters of Venetian blinds does she need to buy?
5. Joe runs around the square park every morning. If the perimeter of the park is 268 m, how many times must he run to cover a distance of around 3 km?
6. A rectangle has an area o 256.65 dm². If the length of the rectangle is 14.5 m, what is its width?



Math is cool but truely it's hard :)

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