The farmer wants to get his goat, wolf and cabbage to the other side of the river. His boat isn't very big and it can only carry him and either his goat, his wolf or his cabbage. Now.....if he leaves the goat alone with the cabbage, the goat will gobble up the cabbage. If he leaves the wolf alone with the goat, the wolf will gobble up the goat. When the farmer is present, the goat and cabbage are safe from being gobbled up by their predators.?




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This is an example of a simple brain teaser but here----I'll give you the solution of the farmers problem...

Get the goat first crossed in the river via farmer's small boat...Since,the wolf cannot gobble up the cabbage,then it is safe....

Get the wolf aboard of your small boat and crossed it to the opposite side of the river bank then get the goat back crossed to the opposite side of the river so the wolf cannot gobble the goat...

Leave the goat on the opposite river bank and get the cabbage aboard and crossed the river so that the goat cannot gobble the cabbage.

Leave the cabbage with the wolf so it is safe...Then get the goat (which is in the opposite river bank) aboard and crossed the river...

In this way,the 3 objects are safe :)

Hope it Helps :)