Oxpeckers and zebras or rhinos - In this relationship, the oxpecker (a bird) lives on the zebra or rhino, sustaining itself by eating all of the bugs and parasites on the animal.Sea anemones and clownfish - Clownfish are often found living amongst the tentacles of the sea anemone. While those tentacles are able to sting nearly all other fish, the clownfish, thanks to the mucus on its skin, is protected from the stinging.Flowers and bees - Bees and flowers have a mutualistic relationship as well. Bees get the nectar they need to make honey by traveling between flowers. The bee brings pollen from one plant to another, resulting in pollination.Humans and plants - It is a well known fact that plants and humans could not exist without each other.Ants and fungus - Ants actively create fungus, sometimes using leaves and their own fecal matter. Once the fungus grows, the ants eat it to sustain life.

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Carabao and bird, clown fish and sea anemone, plants and animals(oxygen and carbon dioxide cycle), bees and flowers, oxpecker and zebra