Subject pronouns are used as subjects of the sentence.
e.g.  I, we, you, he,she, it, they

object pronouns are used as object of the verb or as object of prepositions
me, us, you, her, him, it, them

you and it do not change whether used as subject or object

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Subject pronouns are pronouns that have subject as their function in the sentence.
I, we, he, she, it, you
I am great.
We are one.
He is a monster.
 She is good.
It is unacceptable.
You are framed.
Object pronouns are pronouns that are used as subject in the sentences. It is followed by a verb but not a linking verb(or else it will become the subject)
him, you, it, us, her, me
I like him.
I love you.
I will treasure it.
God loves us.
I will crush her!
Do you like me?