Science, even if it has negative effects to us, especially teens nowadays, it also brought us to the world we are living right now in a good way. Science constantly changes because of one thing-- discovery. People discover new things which led to us, living an easier life. Medicines and treatments have been developed over the years which made it possible for the patients to learn how to life their lives again. Yes, as I have said, brought us many negative effects. Being lazy is one. We dont want to work and go outside that much anymore because technology made it possible for us to communicate with other people through the internet and many applications such as Skype, Viber, Kakao Talk and more. 

It made teens, especially boys, even at their young age, see things that they are not yet suppose to see because of their lack of maturity. There are many negative effects of science, but that doesnt mean that we should stop using its capabilities. It made life easier, yes. Yet we should learn to not cross the line. We should think of its importance as something that can make us a better person, and not the other way around. Its importance to us, and to world, is big. Without science, we wouldnt be in this modern world, we would be still like cavemans who are lacking sense and are naive to everything. 

I got a bit carried away and even talk about cavemans lol. Hope this helps!