I think its 1.67cm cause chona buys 4(3/9 cm of yarn)=1.33cm plus the 3/9cm she already has so its 1.66 or 1.67 cm
Excuse me...The question state "the total length of the yarn she BOUGHT"....
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The\ given\ measure\ of\ yarn\ is\  \frac{3}{9}\ cm. \\ She\ brought\ 4\ pieces\ the\ same\ measure\ of\ that\ yarn. \\ \\ Solution; \\  \frac{3}{9}cm\ \cdot4\to \frac{3}{9}cm\ \cdot \frac{4}{1}\to \frac{12}{9}\to\boxed{\boxed{1.333}} \\ \\ Hope\ it\ Helps:) \\ Domini
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