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In my own reflection,Respiratory System is a most fundamental most basic system in the human body, it consist of lungs, that how do we exhale and inhale, and what take place when we breath. what are the processes that lungs do. how this system work?? there are many question about what are the processes, how the lungs work..??for me, respiratory is to supply an oxygen in every organ. first when we inhale the air goes inside the lungs. an then it will be going to the every part of the lungs such as trachea, the air passes through down  to the left and right bronchi ,then to the bronchioles, then to the small air sacs or alveoli, the air sacs process the oxygen,  .the blood will carry the oxygenated blood through the different organs and the cells released their waste such carbon dioxide, the oxygen needed by cells in order to produced energy and heat. through this process oxygen enters the bloodstreams and can be transported around the body.
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