It would be used by looking first the numerator term nor terms if it is the same with the value of the denominator term rather terms.

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It's just easy. Here's an Example:

2/4 ÷ 4/8    The numerator 2 and denominator 8 can be both lowest term or divided by 2, cancel and divided by 2

So it is now 1/4

 Next is the denominator 4 and numerator 4, which can be both divided by 2 again, so cancel

The result is 2/2

After cancelling, 1/4 x 2/2

And the final answer is 2/8 or 1/4

Remember that when cancelling or dividing the numerator and denominator, it must always be in lowest coomon factor. And the final answer must always be in lowest term.

Hoping that I helped~ (^_^)/
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