Multiplying fraction:

1.Write the fractions in improper form and with fraction bar.
2. You may cancel GCF from a denominator AND a numerator, even if they are from two different fractions.
3. Proceed to multiplying the numerator, then the denominator, keeping each still separated by a fraction bar.
4. If there are still GCF from the numerator and denominator, cancel it to arrive to the simplified form.
5. If mixed number is required, change the fraction to a mixed number if possible.

Division of fraction:
1. Identify the divisor (the dividing number) and dividend (the number to be divided).
2. Make those improper fractions, if possible.
3. Write the dividend then reciprocate the divisor (reciprocate - change the place of numerator and denominator).
4. Proceed to multiplication of fractions.

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Multiplication of fractions:

1.) Multiply the numerators of the fractions. The product will be the numerator of the answer.
Statement a: If the fraction or fractions are mixed numbers, change them to improper fractions. How? Multiply the denominator with the whole number of the mixed number, add the product to the numerator, the answer will be the numerator of the improper fraction, copy the same denominator.

2.) Multiply the denominators of the fractions. The product will be the denominator of the answer. If the factor or factors are or is a whole number, make "1" as the denominator of the whole number. 

If the fraction or fractions are mixed numbers, refer to statement a.

3.) Now that you have the numerator and denominator, use them to create a new fraction. Simplify the new fraction.
       \frac{1}{2}  \frac{3}{4}  \frac{1 x 3}{2 x 4} =  \frac{3}{8}
 \frac{2}{4}  \frac{6}{8}  \frac{2x6}{4x8}  \frac{12}{32} (reduce ) =  \frac{3}{8}


1.) Interchange the numerator and denominator of the divisor so that the old numerator will be the be the new denominator and the old denominator will be the new numerator of the fraction.

2.) Divide them by multiplying them like the multiplication of fractions. Follow the steps in multiplying fractions this time.

3.) Reduce your answer if possible.