We will use the slope form y=mx+b wherein,m=3 ,b=-2/3  so subs all the given value we have y=3x-2/3 or simply 3y-9x+2=0
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Well, I will just use the equation mx + b = y, because I don't know the other forms.
So here, it is said that in the form mx + b = y or (y=mx + b, I would rather use the other one than this, the original one)
The m represents the slope of the line.
The b represents the y-intercept of the line, so we just put them.

mx + b = y

3x + -2/3 = y

3x - 2/3 = y (or others eliminate the denominator by multiplying 3 to the terms and becomes like this)

9x - 2 = 3y  there are many other answers but I suggest you just pick one among them, I really don't know what should be the most appropriate one.