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Ummm, sorry miss, I have to answer it in English because the last time I answered in Tagalog and submitted the answer, it did not accept because it said that it contains, "taboo"

So, what is a happy family.

From the saying:  A happy family stays together and prays together.

A happy family for me is a family that cares for each other. They love each other very much. They talk to each other most of the time. They are together always. Each of the members of the family feels secured. They understand each other. They are always there for each other. But, for example, you are asked if a father gets a little angry at the misbehavior of her child in school and tells him/her what is the proper thing to do, it is still considered as a happy family. Why? If the father gets angry a t her child because of a misbehavior, it means that the father really cares for the child, thus, it is love.