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We have a Math subject because we should know many things about this concept. We are ought to learn in this subject so that we will be able to apply our learning of it in the challenges of reality. 

The one who invented it is us. Even though that there was no particular person entitled as an inventor of all the topics of it. 

Math is very important. Why? My classmate asked the same question to my Math teacher. My classmate said, "Maam, why do we have algebra in our Mathematics? We don't use it in the future! We don't use x squared, and all of the things when we are on our own lives! So why do we have to tackle about that?

Math teacher:
 The topics here in Math is not present only because we use it in our future lives. We tackle Algebra because it is a proof to us that we don't graduate as easy as what we want. Like Algebra, we have to go through difficult situations first before we reach our dreams! Life is not easy. We will not get anything we want in an instant. Algebra is here to teach us a lesson about that.

My answer:
Well, we should be patient, eventually we will go past this Algebra and we will graduate! Anyway, sometimes, Math is fun. Even if how long your solutions were and you still did not get the correct answer, sometimes, it gives you a spirit to continue so that you will be able to have a correct answer. Math is difficult because we think that it is difficult. Only students who are interested in Math will love Math. Well, I am really very emotional. Sorry! :) :)