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In my own words, the meaning of palindrome is:

In English, a palindrome is a word that can be spelled the same even when the word is spelled in reverse starting from the last letter to the first letter. Examples of these are:
 1.) radar = radar ( still radar when spelled backwards)
 2.) Mom = moM (still the same spelling)
3.) Dad = daD  (Note: You don't have to capitalize the last letter.)
4.) level = level
5.) refer = refer

In Mathematics, a palindrome is a number that when the digit is reversed and will be read from the last digit to the first digit, will still be the same number as before when the number was not reversed. Examples of these are:
1.) 11 = 11 (still 11 when reversed)
2.) 33 = 33
3.) 121 = 121
4.) 143,341 = 143, 341
5.) 1551 = 1551
Palindrome numbers are numbers that when reversed is still the same