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So, the objects given are:  a point and the slope
We use the formula of the slope and substitute the variables in the formula. Using this, we will be able to obtain the equation of the line. Here it is:
 slope = 5 or  \frac{5}{1}
 point = (1,3) [it means that x = 1 and y=3]
            \frac{y - y1}{x - x1} = slope

We substitute:
   \frac{y - 3}{x - 1} =  \frac{5}{1} or  \frac{1 - y}{3 - x} = 5
but I rather choose the previous one.
 \frac{y - 1}{x - 3} =  \frac{5}{1}
It is said that if the equation appears like this, we cross multiply and becomes like this:
     ( y - 3) (1) = 5 ( x - 1)
    (we simplify them a little and becomes:)
   y - 3 = 5x - 5
 ( we transpose by transferring the numbers to the other side and changing the sign of the transferred number in the process)

y = 5x - 5 + 3
y = 5x - 2

Therefore, the equation is y = 5x - 2. 

Note: We can write the equation in another way like 5x -2 = y and etc.


I have typo errors in the formula. Please be careful of it!
It should be y-3 and 3 - y, and 1 - x and x-1!!
Anyway, I think the answer is correct.