Hello all answers i'm asking is from our NAT reviewer^_^ Grade VI

some of them i can't answer thanks for helping me so much Clarizetto

here's another question

use the data in the table below

Month Expenses

Marcelo Family Guanlao Family

October Php 3,698.50 <<<>>> Php 4,283.20

November Php 5,284.00 <<<>>> Php 4,896.50

December Php 9,893.75 <<<>>> Php 12,650.00


78.What was the average monthly expenses of Guanlao Family?

A. Php 2,677.50 C. Php 7,267.00

B. Php 6.277.50 D. Php 7,276.57

i know that we should answer it because it's from our NAT but i can't just really stop asking because i forgot our lessons starting at 1st Grading and it's because i played so much in the computer and everything just like learned was dropped every second



To get the average monthlly expenses of Guanlao Family, you must first add all their expenses within the 3 months and divide it by the number of months you added.
Php 4,283.20 + Php 4,896.50 + Php 12,650.00 / 3 = D. Php 7,276.57