Please fill the gaps with suitable words:

1. I will try very hard to come and have dinner at your house if I ....... able to.
(a) am (b) was (c) were

2. If you ....... got that job, would you have been able to move to a new house?
(a) have (b) had (c) will have

3. If I ....... very hard, I would have been able to stop smoking.
(a) try (b) would have tried (c) had tried



1. (A) am
2. (A) have
3. (C) had tried

in number 2, if im not wrong, there's a redundancy or a grammatical error in the sentence
they should have left the 
word "got" off, or the word "have"

it should be like this:
If you got that job....
If you 
have that job....

ps: im not exactly sure in question 2 either the answer is had or have

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